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this week I will have a hard life.

So hard that I can even imagine it, So hard that I don’t know how to solve it..

It began when I heard about the scholarship opportunity,¬†and It’s need an IELTS certificate, so I try to get that certificate,

Unfortunately the certificate cost to much, about $200 and the preparation cost the same.

so I begin to work to my senior,
After take a placement test, I begin to realyze that my english is not good as before, it’s even getting worse.

and the test held next week, I must prepare it hardly..
but you know, since I entered this Univ, I think the sense of doing something better is gone..
My afraid had been gone, I feel relax just like my world will never be broke down in fact, my world is keep destroying itself in the inside.
I need an afraid thing so I can work harder, I need to take all my day to study..

I fell sick about myself, I can’t even control myself, my body is not consolidate with my mind..
I plan to do that, but I didn’t do it..
It happen again and again..
the most hateful things I do is sleep, it takes all my day, it’s like I sleep all day, yeah maybe 8-10 hours, it’s wasting all my time.


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