Decide to Write

Well, I decide to write a smiple post about what I currently doing.

  • I’m busy with my holiday

My childhood friend always take me to many places, and that was fun, but little bit not boring actually.

  •  I’m training for code a game

Well, Since it is holiday, so I decided to start a small project for my good sake, and I find that game programming is the best solution for that, that’s really light in my mood and I start to fell that my I have not waste my holiday If I do coding, but sadly 
I’m not focussing man so sometimes I leave two or three days not code, and it’s give me a big slap or unconfertable situation.

  • I’m finding a scholarship and exchange opportunity

Well this is what I do everyday,exactly every night, starring at the monitor and clicking many web that provide exchange program, but I found nothing, yeah well nothing..
so I write this actually to remember me that, Okay, I will not find the exchange program again, maybe not in this holiday, or maybe I just need to hear it from my univ and apply when it’s true exchange program, but Hey, I found a great website to help me find intern and conference , but I lack of skill so that I need to learn little bit and come back for this so bismillah maybe I need to learning this years than finding activities


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