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Interesting Line of Time


Time has passed..

Life has changed….

One month, After One month.. My life, the way of life, My habbit.. Me, Has Changed..

Begin with my discomfort about my Room.. 
Begin with the vandalism about my residence..

Everything becomes different..

Home? now… My Home is the place where I studies, right here Teknik Informatika ITS,

right here Laboratorium pemrograman. I waste my time, Hmm… I don’t like the word “waste”

in My eyes it wasted, but In fact is really experienced.. I had wasted a month to stay and sleep on my spot , yeah LP, until I become an administrator of My own Lab. Alhamdulillah

coincide with this, My habit has change, Before I didn’t liked a people, but now, I can’t life without them, yeah them , my new family now, LP admin family.

This place where I will studies, and this chaos, and Lousy sound.. I had hate before, become a harmony, After a month when I trying to get my life back, it’s hard, it’s sour, and I said that I can’t do that again, I will life with my new style of Life

Maybe if there’s a hole in my new life, I will fill it with sand, the sand of goodness.

It’s been a while since I don’t read the book again, maybe some sand which will I pour to my glass of sand time is,

– start reading, of course in this place, my noisy lab, trying to get focus and trying to get rid of shame..

Learn is like a habit, when the time you become used, than you learned.


Well My journey of course,,I will record this in my own journey jurnal as a good memories.



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