So I decided to write…

Maybe it’s the time to write, I have a lot of think to write of,

Well, today is my special day, I have a free twelve hour day which I planed to use to learn

python and web apps, I started to learn on 1 pm, guess what? it’s didin’t work, really, on 1 pm till 4 pm, surabaya is fucking hot, specially my room, it’s so hot like a hell. without a fresh oxygen, I can’t study anythings. 

so I decided to sleep. it’s like she told, study on room will make you sleepy, well she’s right.

4 pm, I decided to watch movie (hell yeah, I have a free time) and this time I watch forrest gump, well I should tell you that I love to watch movie but I think it’s to wasted my time so I decide to get rid off that.

it’s teach me many things (damn. that’s why I love movie, just like reading a good novel, movie will make you become a part of their story)

I always feel very sorry to my self when I wasted my time, even for 15 minutes.

I really don’t know where it’s will go.

I really can’t achieve somethings good.

well, I learn from it 


swear is swear,you swear for yourself just like you swear for anybody else.

do what you best can do, and don’t look back,

————-mistake made by a winner behind them——————

and One really good quotes are

————-I have a shoe, and that shoe was take me to many place—–



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