What have you done with your life

Yesterday I visited Surabaya Hitechmall, I came with my friend from lombok to a company him for find a place to learn how to fix a laptop. I see that some people only need three months to learn about this thing,

I start to think than what can I got from college on three or four years, otherwise here you only need three months to master all this things,

than I start to think again, I have been studied for two years and if they told me to come to the war zone I mean work zone, I absolutely say that I can’t do that, I can’t do this, I can’t do anythings.


and today I come to BTSI ITS, before that my friend have tried to hack into their system and they suceed, and the chief of BTSI talk to me that their securities is just D1 informatics and Pens alumni. than I start to think, so I just need a skill and skill and than all the people will came to me.

but then I start to think why that I can’t get that skill. 

there’s many reason why I can’t master one skill on my life.


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