Time and Guru

You know, I belive in every person there’s someone who inspire you at least who push you and teach you and maybe change your life..
Well.. I have many people who change my life, for this short paragraph I just tell you about someone on my end of my high school years who taught me about “how I use my time useful“.
Him? he just a math teacher , a private math teacher.. who devote his life for teaching student to became a good student (I mean not good at math but good at everything).. he’s different, why I said that because he sometimes have a unique style of teaching and he implement the modern art of teaching while on school doesn’t implement it (it’s a bad side about formal school), he’s genius he can manipulate his students learning habit,well sometimes I realize it, like he tried to have mistake (with a consciously) so that the student can shout at him (I mean not shout out loud) but it’s make our consentration focus on their white board again, I think it’s very fascinating thing..
well, I don’t know to talk about his style learning at all.
Mmm.. I just gonna talk about he became motivator of his student, there’s not many teacher do it , and it’s good , I mean if you’re a teacher, teacher in implicit mean that teach student everything you have like a guru i think, and it’s very good for psychology of the student, and I always love when teacher give a moral of life.. ( it was beautiful for me, really)
Ok. so , When we want to take an national exam for university, I learn a lot from him..
man every night I went to his house (and It’s also a beautiful memories, I love it)
when we got home he always said something to us like

“hey keep your spirit up, using your time wisely remember that your opponent is not just here (he mean in my province) your true opponent is in java, there’re many student their learn like you do, so keep learning so that you can exceed them.”
oh man it’s very deep for me,,it’s burst my spirit for two years, yeah for get to my best university I learnt a lot in 24 hours, every single second I read , I praticed, even if my electricity on my home is black out, I still learn using emergency lamp (man when I it was very nice and sweet memories for me), well some wise said that the more important is not the achievement but process or the way you get that achievement, yeah now I guarantee that this thing is true, 100% true, because I had many thing to learn from my way and it’s very beautiful again..
well where I’m now, I think now this motivation it’s blur I just want to got back those motivation this burst spirit those felling, those habit for me in my time now..
I just.. yeah I spechless, well now my condition it’s very bad you know, it’s very ahh.. I can’t say it but I hate it.. very hate it.
I want to get this momentum to get back to my world to get back to my sweet way..
so I make this post to remind me or inspire you about..
” You have an opponent not here, but there on NTU, on NUS, on ITB, on UI. and you will fight against them soon, so use your time wisely so that you can exceed them
yeah there’s still a fight in every second of our life


-dedicated for pak Zaenal


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