Hard work or Intelligent?

I thinks this Question very crucial about our study habits. This two perspectives different sometimes fighting in my mind. what should I believe ? My Intelligent  or Hard work. so I dedicate my post for me and some people *who want to read this post* to compare these things and decide which one is better.

> Intelligent, Well Yes I’m is human that god give me some special things , like visualization and imagination, I think that I’m quite genius *remember that I’m not from High Intelligent family,but I think I have a DNA which make me have this power, which I still don’t know how,maybe from my mother which have father which is teacher in very isolated island or my father from arab* , maybe some of you think that I’m very arrogant *it’s up to you, I think the same way, but I don’t want the world know about my arrogant, and some special quotes from my kendo sensei say that if a plant grow taller he will bow,please don’t miss understand about this, einstein say that “you can’t judge a fish for climbing a tree” I still believe others intelligent maybe some area or same as I am* , the but I see with my eyes all of my friend they do hard working while I feel that’s quite easy. like Imagine about 3D things, and Calculate faster *multiply  some number* and solve some problem without doodle *I just Imagine that* these things help me in my study but please I have many bad things in other area 

stop with that, so what I trying to tell you is My intelligent things make a high confidence of mine. and sometimes it’s make me lazy, very lazy..

>Hardwork, hard work is different , if you are an idiot than with hard working you can be a genius without intelligent and DNA, no matter how if you use your time for something usefull, this things will make you proud of your self someday. 

and I just remember about passion, this guy *passion* it’s just like Intelegent, I trying to wait my passion but it’s just a damn things you know, waiting your passion for something that you must to do but you don’t like to do it just wasting your time,you know. You must push your self into it, no matter how, just do it, forget about your confident and finally you’ll get good result.

but what I learn today *from kendo* , hardwork is absolute way to reach . so make a schedule and let’s begin


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