Study Technique

This month I have bad study habits, I feel boring, to much word’s in my head, to much question, and It’s really exhausting. so I try to seek the answer on the Internet.


Turn Off the internet (if I must using Google translate, just use dict or if it’s to important maybe I can use other laptop, or gath my problem become one and translate using internet)

Set yourself a goal (first a small one, working up to a larger one) such as 5 minutes study, 15 minutes play.
Next day 10 minutes study, 15 minutes play.
Next day 15 minutes study, 15 mintues play
Next day 20 minutes study, 15 minutes play

etc. etc. etc. Until you get into the habit of working for longer periods at one time.

Because I’m noticing right now that being able to work for longer periods at one time is very much a habit…

how often doesn’t it happen that I truly want to work on something, yet find myself here responding without even consciously realizing that I clicked on the internet and on the forum… 


Even if you don’t feel motivated to study, never mind!  Just sit your butt in a chair and start reading (or stare at your notes, yeah, I did that as well), but it gave my mind a message that every day for half an hour it’s gonna sit in front of that book so it might as well learn.


When do you study better, in the morning or in the evening? Try to adjust your study time to that (Maybe I study Good at night cause I do so in High School.

Make Newv Time table every day


I also Find Study for Exam.

Planning & find the right time

1. Read the material

2. Write it cause I’m the one who learn using hand

3. In math Work with problems

4. Review


I aslo find Insteresting Study style called pomodoro, Maybe I’ll practice using this technique


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