Paradox life

last month I become “Young unbalance hormone Boy” which is update my blog  with stupid post that express my feeling , to be honest I start writing this when I see many girl’s blog and they doing that thing, but it’s happen to with me,”OH GOD WHY” , it’s seems that I have unbalance hormone  and do this stupid things. Please forgive me Iguana , I will not doing that stupid again..

Well, It’s long way down , up to this day I seek little enlightenment , first many student here (informatics) start doing problem solving in website called sp*j, and day by day it’s more harder competition between them, and I think “oh god why should I join that competition, what will I get?” and for me, It’s just give recognition that “Hey I’m smart, see me, I’m on the page one”, I think bullshit about that, it’s wasting a time, and I think i don’t get anything (for sure, they give us brain exercise and some coding experience,but I seek something different), across I better seek OOP or network programming, I better like that for me, it’s can give me more money than just solving problem, But sometimes I must doing that too for increase my analytical ability. so for to get my achievement I start learn python, which is I see not to good , and I swap to java, and web programming HTML and java too. I planning that I will master it in two month (I hope), maybe some people and me, think it’s not give a damn things and sometimes when I reading that book I stuck with some my college task, but I will try to avoid that but also do that when the time is right.I believe that I will get the benefit for doing that’s thing but more important thing’s is I like doing that and i don’t care , maybe I will little have affect in my college study, but heyy I love find my knowledge in book , it’s give  me damn personal satisfaction and I will do that althrough it’s give me nothing  but I can’t still can be come a normal college.. haha

for stupid socialiazing job and things, fuck with that I programmer. and I just follow it with silence and after that I still programmer, little need about socialize

and l


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