Inconvenient Things

Tonight I look over my self more deeply, I don’t even know what’s going on on my mind, I just think to avoid all my problems and doing some stupid things. But when I looking my self when I have many many messy problem that I never had, it’s seems that how I’ve always tried to solve the problem didn’t solved any at all otherwise it’s just give any new problem and destroy the way to solve my older problem.

That’s to many things complex in this world I think, and how can I solved them ? Sosialize, Collage, Women ext.

Maybe I need figure that can be my depressan loch, someone that remind me to against side of me.

I have problem this week that, I never had before, I thinks it;s to complex that make me stress.

I understand why some bussies people start to look at the drug, but if I looked it using full of awarness it’s just add new problem (just what I told you before.

and about this things. I still don’t belive that things. I just can imagine and think that things. but sometimes little pice of my self think that maybe I must try, you must try couse you look those people who  have something better than you.

and for the achievment. I still curse my self “why I didn’t got that, why I didn’t done that, If I was done that,I will get something very nice“.

but In my mind I just say and say ” I can’t” , but why I didn’t say ” Why I can’t“..

but this week I will trying harder to look at the right side of clock hand….


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