Valentine day and I’m still here in front of my laptop, well nothing to do (honestly i have many things to do but yeah sometimes being slobby is alrit), maybe at this moment you think that I’m a forever alone guys, Wellll.. maybe you right but sometime in the past, I had slightly arrogant romance. Ok then I will take you to my “time machine” hope you enjoy my comedy romance story.

Love story part One : “First Love, Madly Love, aphthetic love”

At high school I madly love with a beautiful girl at my school, I began love her at my first year, In my mind she is perfect, her face , her body, her smile, and I think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, because we have different class , I always stare her in the window in a gap between study. In the second year fate made me met her, WOW. I’m still remember that I madly in love with her specially when she use her glasses, she looked like an angel for me. One day when she didn’t bring a motorcycle and asked me to lift her, again and again, at this time I knew that she having a boyfriend, when I lifting her, quietly I always looking at the rearview mirror just for looking for her face,I think this is the best moment in my life, this is my spirit to went to school just for lifted her to her house. I still remember when I printed her photo and put it below my pillow ” I guess my father seen this “, but  as the saying goes “cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan”, i think she didn’t like me, i tried to nice at her but It’s didn’t make any sense, maybe at high school I’m not a a boy who can do kind of sport, not a good looking (I mean my style) sure as I remember in high school i’m a nerd boy, the who’s care about apperance, the science olympiade boy (but the awkward is there’s a girl who loved me at the third year, but I ignore that). I looked like this because family factor,  my family is not a high fashion family,I got my dress from my father and sometimes he bought me at the flea (but it’s okay, I don’t really care about dresses in my life, it’s a good lesson that my father told me) and my mother too intervention to my private life.

Love story part two : “The a beautiful girl,  torch and different problem”

We don’t need to read the cover of the book, but we need to to read inside the cover” this is the word that  represent her, she’s beautifull inside and outside. she’s the girl who make you love her when you first know her, she’s that make you melt when you know about her heart, she’s the girl that bring you a torch in your life, she’s perfect, but sorry I’m not ready. She use glasses too (maybe from my first love, I become a glasses lover), I began to know her at the high school but I become closer at the college, unfortunately one: we have different college and different state that make me hard to face her. but we contact each other using SMS and YM , I don’t know exactly when I began close to her, but as far as I know there’s no enforcement from each other, we just like each other naturally. at first she became my obsession, I close to her when she have a boyfriend (as before) but she told me that she didn’t like him, so he split with him, and I became more closer than before. after played cat and dog I understand that why I can’t loved her, the answer is “I’m not sure”, it’s too many different about us, she’s older one year than me, her brother is my best friend and also her family, I’m not sure that they could allow me to make a relationship with her sister/daughter .and the last is distance, you know I need someone that real in front of my face that will make me melt when i seeing her eyes when I got bored, I hate a long distance relation ship cause it’s not give any love between us (if you  have LDR it’s equivalent that you making love with your handphone), my regreat and sorry for her, I hope she will come back to her earlier boyfriend, cause they’re fit and I will be happy,really.

Love story part three : “The lovely girl, between ambition and strange love”

This is about strange love, I don’t know exactly it’s a love or just an ambition, sometimes in a short moment I love her but sometimes I forgot about her. The story began when in a third year in my school, my close friend told me about the girl that Olympiade girl to but’s she is nice looking. at first I don’t really care about her, she one year below me, we had a same junior school too but the different is she’s an active girl and genius smart girl. at least I tried to take look at her “and Blusssh..! it’s blossom my heart” I still remember when I first tried to look at her in front of school office,she walk in corridor and back to wash her hand in washbowl, I at other side of the building start to looking at her. yeah sure she use a glasses too (as always) but it’s just sometime and in a short time, We had a same ambition to go to the same top collage, when i graduated and failed to enter this collage and I decided to study over again to enter this collage, this time I became close with her, we sometimes texting and seldom talking over handphone, she always give me spirit to enter this collage, but at the end I betrayed my dream, I still remember when I walking at the night in front of this collage texting her and told her that I’m not going to enter this collage. I think she very upset “I can see it from her message”, when remembering this time “I want to say sorry for her and I regret this , very regret until now”, when she accepted to this collage, we walk together (i can’t say it’s a date) I’m very sick this moment, so this is the bad moment to over my life. “sorry I hope we can share an other ambition someday”

Love story part four : ” The anonymous girl I’ll have meet someday”

As michel bubble said ” I haven’t met you yet”


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